"I decided a long time ago that I would not sell all the boats in the world, but I would sell the best quality at the lowest price I can."

If you had a boat in the 80's

If you have a boat built in the 80′s or early 90′s it has a wood superstructure covered with polyester resin, the wood is rotten and does not function to support the hull anymore. Under stress the resin will crack and give way resulting in sinking.

Major repairs to a hull carry some dire responsibilities , under various laws of states as well as the Federal Government if you fix it you become a builder even though you are only repairing and you will be responsible for that hull as long as it is functioning as a watercraft. I don’t know how well you work or if you want that liability but your gonna have it, you could be in court defending your work for a long time to come.

Selling a boat that has been repaired this way is not a responsible thing to do……