"I decided a long time ago that I would not sell all the boats in the world, but I would sell the best quality at the lowest price I can."

Under The Old Shade Tree

In these times when a dollar has to go as far as it can.
We are all searching for the greatest savings that can be found for our purchases.
It is important to remember that When it comes to the care and service of your marine equipment the cheap way is not always the best way.

Marine engines and drives are very complicated and require a knowledge of expertise in order to address the issue in the right manner.
Remember, you are putting your family and friends in the water far from shore,and any problems occurring on the water leave you with one truth; escape is not just walking away.
If you have your rig repaired by a sub standard shop
or a "shade tree mechanic" and somehow the repair fails you have to consider this;does your man have insurance
to protect you from litigation by others for any injury?

You might say, " well my buddy knows how to work on boats," but does your buddy have any kind of insurance
in case what he did fails and someone gets hurt? Ah, ha!! For those of you who think that will never happen,
keep dreaming Alice!! Nowadays everyone has an attorney in their back pocket just waiting to sue you
for even the slightest mishap, and you better have deep pockets if that happens.

Furthermore, in that event;
you have some very expensive equipment that needs to be serviced right,Do you sincerely believe that your "shade tree guy" has kept up on the latest;problems, procedures
in repair, as well as service Bulletins that are part of a certified dealers inventory?

A certified dealer uses only factory made parts for your equipment. These parts have been tested by the factory to do a proper repair. The certified dealer
uses only factory recommended lubes and oils that are proven to give the longest service life.
The most important quality of a certified dealer is that his techs are trained by the factory in the proper way of doing repair, and are required keep up on those
by attending schooling every year to be maintain the most current certification in repairs. Dave's Marine possesses all these qualities, and keeps up on them to stay ahead of any problems.

Let's not overlook the big issue of warranty work.
A certified dealer has to be approved by the factory for warranty reimbursement,as well as service. In order for this to happen he has to be inspected by factory technicians every year to be sure he is up to date on the latest procedures.

Your Shade Tree Guy has no such help. As far as he knows he is doing it right.
"every thing works until it don't," do you want to be in the middle of the riverwith a tow coming when it fails? I don't think so....

In this, there is no pointing my finger at any shop or mechanic, but rather more specific;
I'm referring to the guy that works out of his garage,
or in his yard, the cheap guy; found working under a shade tree. Does he even have a business license,
a regular business phone, does he do this full time? Or is this just side work or a hobby?
You better find out because the responsibilities will be on you in the end, not him.....